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Enacting Educational Equity (E3): Trainer the Trainer Series

Wed May 05, 2021
12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

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This six-part series seeks to provide a socio-historical analysis of the education system by critically assessing the principles of effective instructional frameworks with emphasis on critical/critical-reality, student-centered, and culturally relevant educational paradigms. We will work to identify and, subsequently, redress our institutional equity/opportunity gaps; and in doing so, we will endeavor to address our individual and institutional obligation gap.

At its core, this is a course on pedagogy that mirrors the material covered in graduate level coursework on educational theory and practice. This course will be curated by CSM’s Director of Equity who will also serve as a moderator alongside other members of the CSM community. Structurally, this course will feature two components.

Monthly Meetings
During our monthly meetings, together as a community of practice, we will speak to our success and struggles in working to situate our instructional design and concomitant pedagogical practice within an equitable education framework. Individual and/or groups of participants will present on what they experienced in their classrooms. We will also work to discuss our progress in completing the culminating experience listed below. This is an opportunity for us to learn from each other while, simultaneously, encouraging each other to press on towards the goal of campus-wide educational equity. These meetings will occasionally feature quest speakers as well. 

All class meetings are held on Wednesdays from 12-2 pm.

  • February 10
  • March 10
  • April 7
  • May 5
  • May 26

Online Course
The online Canvas-based course will function as a forum, complete with ongoing conversations threads. Readings and concomitant reading-related questions/prompts will be made available on a weekly basis. For people participating in this component of the course, your goal should be to respond to either the prompt provided by the moderator and/or a response/prompt provided by one of the other course participants. This is a space for us to talk about how we tried to incorporate the educational theory we covered into our pedagogy and whether or not it had the desired affect/effect. This digital space represents a synchronous/asynchronous space to share our success and struggles related to our attempts to hone our pedagogy vis-à-vis the educational theory that we are collaboratively working to put into practice. (This is praxis, i.e., theory + practice.)

San Mateo, CA 94402 United States
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